We have recently decided not to raise any birds or animals for the next few years. We are making a move further north and need this time to set up a much smaller operation. We have hobby bred many ornamental pheasants, waterfowl, poultry, Pygmy goats and Fallow deer for the last several years and it is time to take a break. I am leaving this site active for the information it provides but will not be able to answer questions on a timely basis. Sorry for any problems this will cause. Hope everyone enjoys their birds and animals as much as we have. Thank you for your visit to our site.

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The intended purpose of this site is to provide information, in a personal manner which, we hope, will further the interest in gamebirds, waterfowl,and poultry. This site is continually updated. We will be providing more information about, and pictures of, various species of fowl. We will try to keep you interested with our additions. After you have browsed our site, please come back to the home page and sign the guestbook.

We hope that you enjoy our site and come back to browse often.

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