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Below you will find links to sites that may be of interest to you. They all are very informative sites. Most of the sites have lots of pictures to view.


Organizations of interest:

Michigan Bird and Game Breeders Association:Hosted by the MBGBA. A new site dedicated to the members of the Michigan Bird and Game Breeders Association. Information about the club, membership privileges, several articles of interest and pictures submitted by members can be found here.

Wisconsin Bird and Game Breeders AssociationHosted by This club based in Wisconsin has approximately 400 member, including members from many other states. Wisconsin Bird & Game Breeders Assoc. is for anyone who raises, or is interested in any kind of bird, game animal or exotic.

American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society:Hosted by the APWS. A site dedicated to the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society. Information about the club, membership benefits, articles of interest and pictures can also be found here.

Gamebird sites.

Romans Acres Hosted by Roman Kmicikewycz. An extremely nice site with many pictures of various pheasant species. Also includes "On The Road with Roman", a pictorial account of the many places he has visited. A very nice site to explore.

The Game Bird and Waterfowl Page: Hosted by Dan Cowell. One of the best sites that I have found about gamebirds, full of information and lots of pictures. The host of this site also hosts a message board. Check for the message board link below.

BIRDNET: This page is a galliformes species list with their scientific names included.

Dr. Leland B. Hayes's new web site:This is a new web site being put up by Dr. Leland B. Hayes. It is under construction at this time but I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Leland B. Hayes is a very knowledgeable person and shares his information freely for all to use. Dr. Hayes also puts out an E-Zine about game birds, delivered weekly by e-mail. To find further information about the E-Zine check out my organizations page or visit his site.

Ancona's PeafowlHosted by Alex Ancona. A very good site to visit to view the different color variations of peafowl. This site includes several pages of pictures of the peafowl the Ancona's raise. They sell peachicks when available and can give you information about peafowl.

J & T Pheasants and ExoticsHosted by Jeff Michael. A new site with information about, and pictures of, several species of pheasants, quail, waterfowl, peafowl and a few exotic animals. One of the few persons with Cabot Tragopans in Michigan.


Waterfowl sites.

Waterfowl of Chenoa:An excellent, informative waterfowl site with links to sites about particular species. An excellent waterfowl site. Has a lot of information about, and pictures of, many species of waterfowl.

Northwest Wildfowl: Hosted by Greatnorthern. This site is an aviaries-refuge with lots of wild waterfowl information.

Jan's Ornamental Waterfowl Page:Hosted by Jan Harteman. This site is from the Netherlands. A lot of this site is in Dutch but it contains some very good pictures of waterfowl; Ducks, geese, Swans and screamers. Very good information and a message board also available at his site.


Poultry sites.

The Coop: A very good poultry, waterfowl, and gamebird site. Primary focus is on breeders and exhibitors of domestic and wild fowl.

Feather Site - The Poultry Page: An online zoological garden of domestic poultry. This is my favorite poultry site. Includes photos and information about various breeds of fowl. Wild fowl are also included on this site.

The Poultry Connection: This site owned by Tim Jones, the host of the "Poultry Connection Auction" (a link to the online auction is available below). This site contains poultry information, a classifieds section, a message board and much more.

The Poultry Place: This site has poultry information, a classified section, a message board, and chat. Also features, Mike's Breed of The Month, a description of a different breed monthly.

Color General Poultry Prints: This site has many color prints of various poultry species that are exceptional. A very good picture reference for poultry.


The next link is to the most spectacular source of information about Game-birds, Poultry and Waterfowl ever put together on one site.

Manzano Valley's Cyberlibraries Hosted by Manzano Valley Pheasantry and Wildlife Trust. Compiled and Maintained by Dr. Jim Clary. This site has over 3,000 references on aviculture dedicated to the principles and ideals of the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society. All documents in the libraries are from the public domain. They are posted as a public service for informational and educational purposes only. Commercial use of these documents is prohibited! 


A list of several message boards I have found pertaining to game birds and poultry. If you know of any I have not listed here please e-mail the moderator and submit the board.

Pheasant, Peafowl, Waterfowl and Gamebird Message Board Hosted by Red Cedar River Birds and Game. Our message board to further the interest in gamebirds, waterfowl, and poultry. Use this board for anything concerning fowl of all types.

Gamebird & Waterfowl Message Board: Hosted by Dan Cowell. Message board serving game bird and waterfowl. A highly regarded board with many posts.

Gamebird Question & Answer Board: Hosted by Western Game Bird Association. Ask or answer questions relating to gamebirds here. Most, if not all, questions asked will receive an answer.

Hidden Corner Pheasantry Forum: Hosted by Bob Calloway.A new twist on Message boards. This board contains 5 separate bird related forums. A great setup.

Egg Swappers Board: Everything about eggs can be found on this board. Sell, swap, trade, or post wanted adds for eggs. Very interesting with lots of posts.

Olympic Peninsula Pheasant, Waterfowl Message Board: Feel free to post on this board for advertising Pheasants, Waterfowl or any other type birds. You may also post Animal and any updates on laws regarding Pheasants, Waterfowl and animals. Information pertaining to their health and care may be included for educational purposes.

Poultry Swappers Board: Hosted by Stonegate Meadows. Anything about poultry goes on this board also. Another good message board.


A message board and a few sites for my button quail friends:

Button Quail Bulletin Board: Hosted by The Button Quail Home Page. Anything and everything about button quail is posted on this button quail lovers board.

Acadian Aviaries: Hosted by Garrie P. Landry. Mainly a Finch site but Garrie is a fancier of Button Quail and has a very informative button quail page. He has also authored a book about button quail available on his site.

Button Quail Home Page: Hosted by Michele. A very nice site to visit about button quail. Excellent information and pictures too. She is also the hostess of the Button Quail Bulletin Board


A Gamebird and Waterfowl Discussion Group:

gbwf e-group:Hosted by Dan Cowell. Similar to a message board but the posts are e-mailed to the members. This is a discussion group for gamebird and waterfowl hobbyists.
Click to subscribe to gbwf


A few online auctions for poultry:

Cyber Poultry On-Line Hosted by Swan Haven and James Gang Gamebirds and Waterfowl. A "NEW" online poultry auction with several different categories including birds, eggs, equipment and supplies. A new place to visit and possibly bid on the products offered. A bid on any auction board is a contract with the seller. If you do not want to purchase the item do not bid.

MDK Gamebird & Poultry Auction: Hosted by Keith Smith, Created by: Stan Robinson. An online poultry auction. We  provide  you  with a  FREE  Online Auction,  as well as a place to list  your  birds for  sale. Another place to visit and possibly bid on the products offered. A bid on any auction board is a contract with the seller. If you do not want to purchase the item do not bid.

Poultry Connection Online Auction @ Hosted by The Poultry Connection and Stonegate Meadows. An online poultry auction with several different categories including books, birds, eggs, equipment and supplies. Also Ratites,eggs, and supplies. A great place to visit and possibly bid on the products offered. A bid on any auction board is a contract with the seller. If you do not want to purchase the item do not bid.


Hatcheries and Equipment Suppliers.

Reston Gamebird Farm: Many pheasant species, quail, francolin, some bantams, chukar, and ringnecks. N.P.I.P. approved, does ship.

B+D Game Farm: Quail, pheasants, partridge, red junglefowl, guineas, and India blue peafowl. Eggs, chicks, started, and mature birds.

Murray McMurray Hatchery: Poultry, waterfowl, peafowl, partridge/quail, guineas, turkeys, and pheasants, also have supplies.

Cedar Grove Farms: Pheasant, quail, waterfowl, partridge, and peacocks. Specializing in shipping eggs for the beginner or hobbyist.

Manzano Valley Hatchery: Pheasants, peafowl, partridge, and quail. Maintains very strong blood lines. N.P.I.P. approved, does ship.

Rocky Mountain Hatchery & Gamebirds: Pheasant and partridge. This si also a very informative site. Information about all aspects of raiseing gamebirds, diseases and more. A very good site to visit.

Metzer Farms Duck & Goose Hatchery: Specializing in waterfowl. Ducklings, goslings, some duck eggs.

Privett Hatchery: Poultry, turkeys, bantams, ducks, geese and others. Phone orders only at this time.

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms Inc: Poultry, bantams, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas. Credit card orders by phone.

Mt. Healthy Hatchery: Production poultry, ducks, turkeys, geese, and ringnecks. Chicks only. Phone orders at this time.

Larry's Poultry: Poultry breeds, specialty breeds, ducks, geese, and guinea. Also has supplies.

Belt Hatchery: A wholesale poultry hatchery providing day old chicks. Standard, heavy and specialty breeds.

Cutler's Pheasant Supply Inc: Gamebird and poultry supplies. Free catalog on request.

Smith Poultry and GameBird Supplies: Gamebird and poultry supplies. Free catalog on request.

Horizon Micro-Environments: This company sells shipping boxes for adult birds being shipped via express mail.

Dan Cowell's Breeders E-mail Directory: This is a listing of gamebird breeders throughout the United States.


If you desire a longer listing than above, check out Feathersites-

Hatcheries and Poultry Equipment Supply Houses Page: An extremely long list of hatcheries of different breeds of fowl and many Equipment and supply houses.


A Zoo link just for fun.

ZooNet Bird and Fowl Gallery: A page full of different bird species, click on the small image to view a large picture.



I hope you have enjoyed my links page. If you have found a link, or have a site, that you would like added, please e-mail with URL and short description.

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