Red Cedar River Bird and Game Farm
Our Pens

I have finished the construction of several pheasant pens and a peafowl pen. There are still many pens to build, a chicken coop with enclosed yard and housing for the pygmy goats.

Below you will find several pictures of the pens that have been installed.

This is a run of five pens is on the west side of the barn. A peafowl pen is just noticeable to the left. The five pheasant pens are panel constructed so I can change the shapes and square footage to the desired pen size,100 sq.feet being my minimum.


This picture shows the corner peafowl pen. It has a total of 256 sq. feet and is used for a trio of peafowl.


Another view of the corner peafowl pen and a start on the south strip of pens. There will be several more pens added to this line.


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