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Pheasant, Peafowl, Gamebirds and Waterfowl;

Web Ring Information

Welcome to the "Pheasant, Peafowl, Gamebird and Waterfowl" web ring page. This ring is brought to you by "Red Cedar River Birds and Game" to replace the well known but no longer available GBWF web ring. All sites that were included on the GBWF web ring are invited and encouraged to join this new ring.

The purpose of this ring is to bring all sites relating to any of the species listed in the ring name, together for informational purposes. We would like every site pertaining to these species to join this ring. Personal or commercial, everyone is welcome!

A little information about web rings:

All web rings have become a part of the Yahoo system. It will be necessary to sign up for a Yahoo ID , if you do not already have one, to join this or any web ring. New users may also request a Yahoo ID and join any ring by visiting

A Java script must be copy/pasted within the HTML of your Selected Page for the ring bar to work. This is called the Navigation Bar by Yahoo. After joining the ring you will be forwarded to a web ring page. Click on "Get Navigation Bar" to find the Java script code to make your web ring bar work. Follow the information provided to install the "Navigation Bar Code" on the selected page of your web site. The Navigation Bar Code only has to be installed once for ALL rings. No ring will work without the correct code installed.

The ring master will receive an e-mail from the Yahoo system informing them of your intention of joining the ring. The ring master will visit your site to check the content and to verify that the ring code has been placed on your site. If everything is satisfactory they will approve your submission and your site will automatically be added to the ring. A working ring bar, similar to;


Pheasant, Peafowl, Gamebird and Waterfowl Ring by redcedarriver
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will appear on your site within a few days inside the gray "Webring" box.

If you would like more information about web rings please go to Yahoo Web Ring Help.

I would be glad to help anyone, in any way I can, to become a member of this ring. If you are having trouble joining the ring, e-mail me personally at:

Thank you for your interest in the Pheasant, Peafowl, Gamebird and Waterfowl Web Ring.

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